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Bg Climate 6th Plus Generation
Bg Global

BG Global is your supplier of custom-made semi-closed
greenhouse concepts that meet all your needs.

BG Climate 6+ Generation is the leading specialist in creating the optimum greenhouse climate. The climate determines the quality and quantity of your production. Both optimum production conditions and minimum energy consumption are important.

Bg Climate 6th Plus Generation

Heating and Cooling Systems

Optimum integration of your greenhouse and technology creates the best climate for your crop.

Heat Pump

Unlike fossil fuels, we prefer green energy. For a sustainable world, we use clean green energy that respects nature and the ozone layer.

Bg Climate 6th Plus Generation
Bg Climate 6th Plus Generation Bg Global

Very High Production Levels

Thanks to the Ultra-Clima, you can achieve a better greenhouse climate. You have optimal control of the climate conditions. For example, the greenhouse can be ventilated with fresh air from outdoors or indoor air (or a combination of the two), more sunlight enters the greenhouse, and the CO2 level is significantly higher. In short, it offers the ideal cultivation climate for optimizing photosynthesis. This way, the Ultra-Clima guarantees a remarkably higher yield compared to other greenhouses.

Optimal Energy Efficiency and CO2 Consumption

Energy-efficient fans, dehumidifying using heated outside air, heating with low-grade heat, longer service life of energy screens – these are all features of the BG Climate 6+ generation. Like an important fertilizer, CO2 is essential for optimal crop production. With the BG Climate 6+ Generation, CO2 is used much more efficiently than in conventional greenhouses. This results in considerably reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions.

Bg Climate 6th Plus Generation

Better Returns

To ensure continuity, you need to be profitable. With the BG Climate 6+ Generation you have plenty of opportunities to increase your profit margin. The concept allows you to achieve more output with less input, resulting in lower costs, better quality and higher sales prices. Investing in the BG Climate 6+ Generation is investing in a sustainable future with better returns!

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