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BG Poly Greenhouse Turkey

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We are pleased to showcase our partnership with Oyak – Hektaş, a renowned client in Turkey, on a remarkable project focused on tomato cultivation. This collaborative endeavor involved the construction of a cutting-edge BG Poly greenhouse, spanning an impressive area of 3.2 hectares, and was successfully completed in 2020.

Working closely with Oyak – Hektaş, our team at Bg Global diligently designed and executed the construction of a state-of-the-art BG Poly greenhouse, tailored specifically to meet the requirements of tomato cultivation. The BG Poly greenhouse, known for its versatility and effectiveness, provides an ideal environment for optimal growth and productivity.

With a deep understanding of the unique demands of tomato cultivation, our experts incorporated advanced features and technologies to create an efficient and highly productive greenhouse. The design of the BG Poly greenhouse ensures structural integrity, utilizing high-quality materials and innovative construction techniques. The greenhouse is equipped with a robust framework and a premium polyethylene cover, providing excellent durability, superior light transmission, and effective climate control.


Oyak – Hektaş



Year of Construction


Project Area

3.2 ha

BG Poly Type
Venlo Type Greenhouse Netharland-4

Ventilation Solutions

To ensure the ideal growing conditions for tomatoes, we integrated advanced irrigation systems, precise climate control mechanisms, and optimized ventilation solutions within the greenhouse. These features enable precise control over environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, and airflow, resulting in enhanced crop health and increased yield potential for Oyak – Hektaş.


Exceptional Results

At Bg Global, we prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility. For the Oyak – Hektaş project, we implemented energy-efficient solutions, incorporating renewable energy sources and water-saving technologies. Our commitment to sustainability not only minimizes the ecological impact but also contributes to the long-term profitability and viability of the greenhouse operation.

Throughout the project, we maintained an open line of communication with Oyak – Hektaş, ensuring their vision and requirements were seamlessly integrated into the final greenhouse design. This collaborative approach resulted in a tailored solution that aligns perfectly with their objectives, enabling them to achieve exceptional results in tomato cultivation.

BG Poly Type
Venlo Type Greenhouse Netharland

Quality Crop

Experience superior crop quality with our advanced techniques and technologies, ensuring consistent and high-quality yields.

High Efficiency

Achieve optimal productivity with our high-efficiency solutions, maximizing resource utilization and minimizing waste.

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