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COOLING Fogging Systems
COOLING Fogging Systems
COOLING Fogging Systems
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Cooling &

Fogging Systems

In regions characterized by dry and hot climates, special cooling systems are essential to create an optimal growing environment within greenhouses. At Bg Global, we provide innovative and effective solutions, utilizing advanced technologies to address the specific challenges posed by such climates.

The Pad and Fan System
One of the cooling systems we offer is the pad and fan system. This system utilizes a pad wall to moisten the dry outdoor air, effectively removing heat from the air. The cooled air is then efficiently circulated into the greenhouse using powerful fan systems. This process, known as adiabatic cooling, helps maintain a comfortable temperature and provides an ideal growing environment for your crops.

Necessary Humidity Levels
For projects that require precise control over humidity levels, we employ high-pressure fogging systems. These systems utilize fine misting nozzles to create a controlled fog that maintains the necessary humidity levels within the greenhouse. Our team of experienced engineers carefully selects the appropriate materials and equipment for these systems to ensure optimal performance and long-lasting reliability.

Maximum Productivity
By utilizing our cooling and fogging systems, you can effectively manage temperature and humidity levels within your greenhouse, mitigating the challenges posed by hot and dry climates. This ensures that your crops receive the necessary environmental conditions for healthy growth and maximum productivity.


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