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From preparatory works to power supply and drainage systems, we ensure that every aspect of the infrastructure is carefully designed and implemented with utmost precision and efficiency.

Preparatory Works
Before commencing any greenhouse project, thorough preparatory works are crucial. Our experienced team conducts site surveys, analyzes soil conditions, and assesses environmental factors to gather essential data for the project. We meticulously plan and prepare the site to create a solid foundation for the greenhouse infrastructure.

Efficient land preparation plays a vital role in the success of greenhouse projects. Our skilled professionals engage in land leveling, grading, and compaction to ensure a stable and even surface. Through meticulous landworks, we lay the groundwork for optimal structural stability and efficient use of the available space.

Excavation Works
Precise excavation works are essential for various aspects of greenhouse infrastructure, such as foundation installation and underground utilities. Our team utilizes advanced excavation techniques and equipment to create trenches, pits, and foundation footings, providing the necessary support for the greenhouse structure.

Power, Heat, and Water Supply
A reliable and efficient supply of power, heat, and water is crucial for the successful operation of any greenhouse project. We meticulously plan and install the necessary infrastructure to meet the specific requirements of each project. From electrical systems to heating and cooling solutions, we ensure that your greenhouse is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies for optimal production.

Drainage and Water Basin
Efficient drainage systems are critical for managing excess water and maintaining optimal moisture levels within the greenhouse. Our experts design and implement drainage solutions that prevent waterlogging and promote proper water circulation. Additionally, we carefully plan and construct water basins to ensure efficient water storage and distribution throughout the greenhouse.


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